How to bring ants out of an apartment at home?

Finding insects crawling in your home is very unpleasant. In such cases, the question becomes relevant: how to get rid of ants in the apartment? These small insects are ubiquitous. After all, you can only see working individuals, and the nest itself is not so easy to find to destroy. If at least a few pieces were noticed, then you should be wary: you must start fighting them as soon as possible. Most likely, these are scouts who scour for food. Most often, red ants are found, since in our climate they cannot live in nature. Sometimes you can see red or yellow. If they find something to profit from, then the rest will come for them.

Toy ant

Ant Prevention

It’s easier to prevent a settlement than to bring ants out of an apartment forever. This requires prevention, that is, maintaining cleanliness. When the question arises why pests settled in the house, you need to look around. If single ants have appeared, special attention should be paid to order, especially in the kitchen.

  • The dishes must be washed immediately after eating, it is advisable to wipe the surface with vinegar.
  • The bin should close tightly.
  • Sweeping or vacuuming the floor should be daily.
  • Food should be stored in well-closed containers.

In order to prevent ants from entering the house, it is worth observing where insects come from. Then close the cracks, for example, with silicone. Also, near these loopholes you can set barriers from improvised means: cinnamon or even baby powder with talcum powder. Small pests will be scared away by an unpleasant smell. A small bowl of sugar syrup may also help. The sweet smell will attract the ants, and they will drown, which means they will not return to the nest to bring others.

Red ants in the apartment

How to deal with insects?

However, it is not always possible to notice in time that these small insects are wound up. Then it is necessary to remove the ants from the house. The main causes of problems in this process are that they usually have more than one socket. And these anthills can be located in several apartments at once. Therefore, the best result will be if you fight the scourge with your neighbors.

Most often, red ants are found in an apartment. But most remedies act effectively against any kind of them. You can remove them, either by contacting one of the city pest control services, or by yourself - using insecticides or alternative recipes. Of course, the fight against them will take some time.

If everything is clear with the call of disinfestation specialists, then it can be difficult to choose a remedy for domestic ants. But the more the colony grows, the more decisively it is necessary to fight. Physically destroying the anthill is often not possible. Firstly, it is difficult to find. Secondly, it can be located in a remote place. An ant hole can pass, for example, through many tiles in the kitchen. Even if you find the entrance, it is possible that you will need to thoroughly ruin the repair before you get to the nest. That is why the fight against small saboteurs often consists in using a remedy with such poison, which through ants-getters will also affect other pests.

Aerosol from ants

How to use aerosols, gels and other means?

Effective tools that will help remove ants from the apartment: Raptor, Raid in the form of a spray or trap, Dohloks, Combat, as well as special gels.Aerosols against insects are uncomfortable in that they must be sprayed directly onto the nests. But they give a quick result, the main thing is to find a pest settlement. Such an effective tool can be found in almost any hardware store.

When working with a spray, you must follow the safety rules. Although most of them contain substances that are practically safe for humans, in high concentrations they can be harmful to health. Therefore, the room should not be strangers, as well as animals. Spray the poison in a mask or respirator. Dishes and food, if the procedure is carried out in the kitchen, must be taken out. Just in case, indoor plants should be removed. Aerosol is applied along the ant paths and on the anthill itself. If it could not be found, then there will be no result. Only a certain number of insects will die, but their population will soon recover.

Good results show special gels against insects. They attract ants, which not only etch themselves, but also carry them to the nest, infecting the rest of its inhabitants. Thanks to this prolonged effect, the ant hill will be empty in a few days. The gel retains its consistency for a long time, so if new small pests come from neighbors, they will also be poisoned. The substance should be applied along ant paths and in other places where they were most often noticed. To protect people, manufacturers make the gel bitter, so children and pets will not eat it.

You can fight with insects with the help of powders and special pencils. They are available and easy to use: draw lines near pest habitats. No need to rush to wipe the chalk marks.

Poison for ants is also contained in special traps. This is a good tool if the ants have not yet settled in the room, but from time to time you can notice single individuals. Traps look like boxes with one or more exits. Inside is a poison bait.


It makes no sense to set sticky traps, as the ants will return until the nest disappears.

Boric acid from ants

Folk recipes

The fight against these insects is also possible with the help of preparations prepared at home. They are also quite effective, especially if there are not too many ants. If everything is done correctly, then you can get rid of small pests forever, even if you have to spend some time on it.

  • Borax leads to guaranteed poisoning of ants. A teaspoon of boric acid is dissolved in a glass of water and sugar is added to sweeten. The resulting mixture is smeared with places where the most insects are found. They not only get the poison themselves, but also bring it into the nest.
  • Yeast is another effective folk remedy that is used to get ants out of the apartment. Fresh or dry yeast is mixed with sweet water, which makes the mixture attractive to insects. Already eaten, the yeast swells, thus destroying the pests.
  • You can make meat bait. To do this, mix the minced meat with boric acid and add it to where the ants accumulate. But you should be extremely careful if there are animals in the house. They must not be allowed to swallow the poison.
  • If you need to get rid of red ants in the apartment, you can try the following recipe. Boil 3 eggs and the same amount of medium-sized potatoes under the lid over low heat. You need to peel the eggs while they are still warm. The yolk should be separated from the protein and mashed with the potatoes until mashed. Add a bag of dry boric acid, sugar. Then make small balls, place them next to the trails and other favorite places of insects. Important: this procedure should be performed for the first time at the beginning of the waning moon, and after 10 days, repeat. At the same time, pests should not be given access to water, the sink in the kitchen and in the bathroom should be thoroughly wiped before going to bed, and rags should be dried.

Red ants in the apartment, as well as red ants and any others, cause a lot of inconvenience. For example, if you accidentally leave food on a table in the kitchen, then most likely it will become unfit for food. In addition to the discomfort that causes such a neighborhood, it can also pose a threat to health. The reasons for this: insects travel throughout the house, which means they are carriers of bacteria. So the sooner you start to fight them, the better.

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