We choose the best remedy for flies for home, cottages, apartments, children

Properly selected remedy for flies and prevention is the main secret of a successful fight against annoying insects, which are activated at the first sign of summer heat. To date, there are many chemicals, devices and folk recipes. We offer you a brief overview of all effective tools, as well as tips that will help you quickly get rid of flies.


Reasons for the appearance

Flies are one of the most numerous and widespread species of insects on the planet. And, whether we like it or not, they prefer living on the street next to a person. The main reasons for this are heat and food.

The following factors contribute to the appearance of flies in the house:

  • uncleaned food, sprinkled crumbs;
  • abandoned dirty dishes;
  • open bin;
  • the smell of feces, a rustic toilet nearby;
  • the presence of a pet;
  • slots, vents and windows without mesh;
  • heaps of flowering leaves, a compost pit in front of the house.

The nutritional preferences of these insects almost completely coincide with human ones. But food not only serves as a source of food for them, but also is an optimal environment for laying eggs. At one time, the female lays about 100 pieces.

Of course, most flies love the home of unscrupulous owners. To get into the house is not difficult for them due to good maneuverability. It is enough to open the door or window, and insects in a split second slip into the crack. But it happens that flies get into the house even by embryos along with rotten fruit.

The structure of the insect's eyes does not allow viewing transparent glass. But at the same time he is attracted by bright light. Therefore, flies so often beat against the window and can not get out into the open window. And after dark they fall asleep. It is enough to turn off the light, and the insects will stop buzzing.

Fly on glass

Top 5 house flies insecticides

Insecticides are called chemicals designed to kill a variety of harmful insects. A lot of money is released from flies:

  • plates for the fumigator,
  • powders
  • crayons
  • granules
  • sticky tapes
  • aerosols.

The main active ingredient are poisons that kill pests as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, for humans they are also dangerous and, if used carelessly, can cause poisoning. It is necessary to use chemical preparations against flies strictly according to the instructions. It is also important to ensure that children and pets do not have access to them.

Many seek to get rid of flies due to irritation. However, annoying buzzing is nothing compared to the diseases that they tolerate (cholera, dysentery, diphtheria, etc.).

Insecticidal insect chalk

No. 1. Crayon

Crayons from flies are compressed insecticides and look like school chalk. With direct contact, they affect the nervous system of insects, after which they die within 2 days.

Popular manufacturers:

  • "Masha";
  • "Clean house".

The main advantages of this type of product are low cost and ease of use. One chalk can process from 20 to 30 square meters of space. And its price does not exceed 20 rubles. The product is dissolved in 1.5 liters of water and wiped on hard surfaces, floors, window sills, cabinets, walls. The solution can not be washed off for 1.5 months if there are no children and animals in the house.For processing, the use of chemical protective equipment is not required.

Powder (granules) from flies

No. 2. Powder (granules)

This category of insecticides from flies is in demand for treating rooms where aerosols cannot be used. Like crayons, powders and granules dissolve in water and treat hard surfaces. They are considered more effective and continue to work for 2-3 months. They also clean the house of ants, bugs and cockroaches.


  • "Byte fly";
  • "Clean house".

Processing is carried out in special clothes and gloves with open windows. After 6 hours, the room is washed with warm water and soda. Some types of granules come with pheromones and attract flies. They can be poured into small containers and placed out of reach of children and animals. The price of such funds ranges from 15 to 50 rubles.

Aerosols from flies

No. 3. Spray can

The toxic substance is sprayed into the air, after which the room closes for at least half an hour. For maximum effect, wait 2 hours. At this time, people and animals need to leave the room.

It is recommended to cover food, furniture and children's toys before processing. Spray aerosol in a mask. Spray volume is designed for a specific area. The average cost is 150 rubles.


  • "Raptor";
  • "Dichlorvos";
  • Argus

Fumigator Moskitol

Number 4. Fumigator plates and fluid

Everyone knows about mosquito records. Do not forget that similar remedies for flies are produced. They are inserted into the fumigator, where they slowly heat up and release toxic substances into the air. Windows and doors in the room must be closed. The fumigator allows you to get rid of flies in 1-2 hours.

A package of 10 records will cost 30–40 rubles. One plate is enough for 6 hours of continuous operation.

Popular manufacturers:

  • Raid
  • "Raptor";
  • Mosquitall.

Adhesive tape from flies Fumitoks

No. 5. Poisonous tape

Adhesive tapes are widely used in kitchens, dining rooms, and children's rooms. They have no drawbacks, except for aesthetic, and do not cause allergies. On a super-sticky surface, the fly dies within a few hours. Traps are handled by an attractively smelling compound. Replaced as it gets dirty.

The average cost of the tape is 25 rubles.


  • Fumitox;
  • Mosquitall;
  • Argus;
  • Amanita.

Black pepper and sugar from flies

Top 5 folk remedies for flies in the house

To get rid of flies, it’s not necessary to empty the household chemicals department. You can fight pests with improvised means. Solutions and powders prepared at home are very successful in their task, if there are few insects. And, most importantly, they do not cause allergies and for the most part are not dangerous for animals and children. Consider the top five recipes.

  • Formalin with milk.

This tool kills flies in 1-2 minutes. A tablespoon of formalin is added to half a glass of milk, poured into small containers and placed out of the reach of children and animals. To attract insects to the solution, you can add sugar, honey, bread crumbs. Other food sources for flies should not be available.

  • Vinegar.

This tool is found in every home. To flies left the house, it is enough to wipe tables, window sills, door jambs with vinegar. It is also heated on fire. Flies cannot stand the specific smell and quickly retreat. The effect lasts about 3 hours.

  • Kerosene.

Kerosene also has repelling properties. It is mixed with water and wet cleaned. 100 ml of kerosene is enough for a bucket of water. Flies leave the house immediately. So that they can fly out freely, you need to open all windows and doors.

  • Black pepper.

Ground black pepper is poison for flies. To make the spice attractive, it is mixed with granulated sugar. Then they put it in a room with the most pests. The next day they will be significantly less.

  • Sugar surrogate (saccharin).

Sweetener is the most dangerous poison for insects, while for humans it is harmless. To remove flies from the house, dilute 2 g of saccharin in a mug of water and add a tablespoon of honey.The solution is placed around the perimeter of the room in small bowls. Or you can moisten pieces of newspaper in it and hang it under the ceiling.

Blooming geranium

Indoor plants from flies in the house

If the problem with the invasion of flies has become chronic and etching helps for a short time, it is recommended to use repellers. These insects do not tolerate the smell of certain houseplants. These include:

  • geranium;
  • Venus flytrap;
  • cherry tomatoes;
  • mint;
  • eucalyptus.

In the garden of a private house it will be useful to plant tansy, wormwood, lavender, basil.

Of trees and shrubs, castor oil, cherry, nut, and elderberry have deterrent properties.

Fly bottle trap

Homemade traps

You can deal with flies in surprisingly simple ways. At home, it will not be difficult to make the following traps:

  • Sticky stretches. You can make a semblance of poisonous adhesive tapes by mixing rosin, castor oil and honey in equal proportions. Then you need to generously spread strips of cloth or bandages with the mixture and hang them on the ceiling.
  • Bottle trap. It is done in 5 minutes: the top of the bottle is cut off, and an odorous bait (honey diluted in water, jam) is poured onto the bottom. Further, the upper part is placed in the lower neck down. There should be a gap between the liquid and the neck. Flies will fly to the bait and drown in it, unable to get out.

Insect control devices

Insect control devices

Modern technology has stepped far forward. Special devices allow you to deal with flies environmentally friendly, harmless to humans. They are durable and will last for more than one year. Consider the popular three devices.

  • Ultrasonic Repellers

A powered device emits a specific sound that is unpleasant for insects. It repels flies within a radius of 2 m. It can be used in the country, in a hospital, apartment, or any room. The average cost is 550 rubles.

  • Street traps

This device is indispensable for country houses where there are cesspools, village toilets and fruit warehouses nearby. Street traps attract insects inside the device, where they are pulled into a special container and die. Such devices cost from 1300 rubles and above.

  • UV lamp

The work of this type of device is aimed at the destruction of insects attracted by ultraviolet light. Next to the grid are current discharges that kill flying flies and other insects. A small lamp will cost about 800 rubles.

Mosquito net on the window


Many different tools help you quickly and effectively get rid of flies. Some even continue to protect the house from re-entry for some time. However, it is known that the best protection against flies is prevention.

To harmful insects do not start in the home, you need:

  • Maintain cleanliness. Empty the trash bin in time, discard spoiled foods, store food in a closed container, wipe tables and the floor with a damp cloth.
  • Caring for pets. You need to regularly bathe your pet, wash the litter, remove waste, wash the bowl.
  • Install fine-mesh nets on windows, ventilation holes, cover slots so that flies cannot penetrate the house.
  • To get indoor flowers that repel flies, and in the country house to plant trees along the perimeter of the plot: walnut, bird cherry, elderberry.

Modern industry offers a large selection of effective means to combat flies. Chemical methods can get rid of annoying insects quickly and for sure. However, they should be used with extreme caution, and preferably in a house where there are no children and animals. There are no such restrictions on the use of folk remedies, but their effectiveness is not so impressive. Choosing this or that method, it is important to consider the reason for the appearance of flies in the home. A well-developed strategy is the key to a successful fight against flying invaders!

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