Choose the spin class in the washing machine. Which is better and why?

In the process of choosing a washing machine, an uninformed person is confronted with a number of issues related to the technical characteristics of the appliance, affecting its functionality. One of them - which is the best spin class in washing machines - can only be answered independently, evaluating your capabilities and requirements for the final result. On the one hand, everything is simple - the higher the class, the drier the laundry output and the less problems with ironing. But at the same time, we must not forget about other, no less important, factors.

You can set the spin class yourself if for some reason it is not possible to find the corresponding characteristic on the unit. The same approach can be used if you want to verify the declared data. It is necessary to weigh the linen with rhinestones after spinning, wait for it to dry and weigh again. Having received the main figures, we subtract the weight of dry laundry from the wet indicators, divide the result by the weight of dry laundry and multiply by 100%.

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Spin classes in washing machines and their characteristics

Manufacturers actively use not all spin classes. Despite the fact that there are seven in total, only four are used in modern machines.

A - the highest quality of extraction, which ensures that after removing things from the machine they will remain no more than 45% moisture.

B - the humidity level is from 45 to 54%.

C - the indicator corresponds to 54-63% humidity.

D - in things from 63 to 72% of moisture remains.

E - data ranges from 72 to 81%.

F - the humidity of the laundry reaches 81-90%.

G - things are almost wet, water is stored in them by more than 90%.

This indicator in the characteristics of washing machines is affected by the speed of rotation of the drum, but do not rely solely on these data. For example, 1200 rpm may represent both A and B class. Low speed is often used in small cars, with a small capacity indicator.

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Which class to choose - features of various indicators

Thinking about which washing machine to buy, do not immediately rush to the most expensive copy with the highest characteristics, even if the financial situation allows it.

First you need to consider the following points.

  • In practice, it is quite difficult to distinguish adjacent spin classes. The difference will be obvious only at a jump of 400-500 units.
  • The higher the rotation speed of the drum, the stronger the laundry is pressed against the walls of the washing machine. This is good for drying, but negatively affects the texture of expensive fabrics. An additional minus of this approach is the strong crumple of things. The fabric will be almost dry, but it will be very difficult to iron.
  • An indicator of 1200 rpm and higher is best used when the machine is fully loaded with a large tank capacity. In other cases, you can do with an indicator of up to 1000 units.
  • If we take the apparatus class as the departure point, then it is worth paying attention to the representatives of the C-group. They allow you to get a humidity level that positively affects the state of the environment, which is also quite good.
  • For the spinning of bed linen, cotton products and everyday things, 800 revolutions are enough. 400 rpm will be enough for delicate materials, otherwise the product may break, become covered with puffs.
  • The maximum spin class is justified when washing dense things. It can be denim, burlap, towels.
  • When planning a purchase, you can not dismiss such a moment as the power consumption of the device. Frequent launches will noticeably affect your utility bill.And the engines of such machines at high load will rapidly wear out.

Numerous studies on this issue have shown that the B-class is the most economically profitable, convenient and optimal in functional terms. These are not the most expensive, but reliable machines that can last for many years without adversely affecting the condition of the washed laundry.


When choosing the optimal instance among the whole variety of washing machines, it is worth paying attention to models with a spin function without ironing. In them, the drum rotates according to a certain system, periodically changing the speed of work. As a result, the laundry is not only better wrung out, but also almost no creases. It can simply be hung to dry without the subsequent use of an iron.

It is worth considering that a high spin class is often just a marketing move by the manufacturer and even a targeted blende. Less advanced appliances perform better, but you don’t have to lay a fortune behind them. The spin quality indicator should definitely be taken into account when choosing the right one among washing machines, but they should not be guided as the main characteristic.

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