How to get a foreign object from the drum of the washing machine?

When a foreign object gets caught between the drum and the tank during washing, this can seriously damage the machine. Most often, small items left in pockets - coins, small key chains, pins, screws, as well as clothing items - get there. Sometimes children also make their “contribution” by stuffing small toys through a hatch for filling powder. Whatever gets into the mechanism of the washing machine, you need to try to quickly remove it.

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Do you always need to call the wizard?

The easiest option is when you need to get a bra bone stuck in the hole in the drum. In this case, you need to use a pair of pliers to clamp the protruding end and carefully pull it out without making sudden movements so that the bone does not break off. Such manipulations can be done by everyone independently.

If the item is not visible, but you know for sure that it got into the machine and can cause the drum to break, check the drain filter - coins, small screws and other small things are most often found there. Sometimes the bone of the bra can be found in the filter of the machine. This procedure can also be performed independently. In other cases, it is best to invite the master.

If during washing or spinning you hear the sounds of metal rubbing against metal and you only assume that a foreign object has fallen behind the drum, a specialist call will be necessary. Such noise can be evidence of wear of parts or their breakdown, and it is difficult for a non-specialist to determine this independently.

Removing the heater from the washing machine

Foreign Object Retrieval Instructions

If you are sure that the cause of uncharacteristic sounds during the operation of the washing machine is a foreign object that has got there, and working with equipment is not a novelty, then you can pull it out yourself. In machines with horizontal (frontal) loading, for this you need to remove the back or front wall. Most often, the back, but this nuance depends on the model. There are other differences in different models, so before you continue working, it is better to find a disassembly scheme for a particular washing machine.

Here you will be given instructions for disassembling the most common option with the removal of the back wall and top cover. Before disassembling, drain all water from the machine through the drain hose and turn off the power.

Then you need to perform the following steps.

  1. Unscrew the two bolts on the back wall - they fasten the top cover.
  2. Slide the cover back a little, after which it will be removed.
  3. Remove the screws securing the rear wall and remove it.
  4. Sometimes the elements of clothing (belts, socks, handkerchiefs, thin scarves) that fall behind the drum are wound on a heating element (TEN), then they can already be seen at this stage. But even removing them, if noises are heard during the operation of the washing machine, it is better to check whether anything else has got inside.
  5. Remove the heating element. To do this, disconnect the wires going to it and unscrew the fastening nut. The heater can be picked up with a screwdriver for the visible part and pulled out.
  6. Through the hole formed, illuminate with a flashlight, and then you can see the bone of a bra or other object caught between the surface of the drum and the tank. If nothing is visible, scroll the drum, maybe something is stuck at the top: when scrolling, it will fall to the bottom of the tank.
  7. Make a hook from the wire (its length and configuration depends on the location of the stuck part of the clothes) and use it to get a foreign object.
  8. Install the heater, having previously cleaned it from scale. At the same time, you need to ensure that he tightly sits in place, then tighten the fastening nut and connect the wires.
  9. Assemble the machine by tightening the screws on the rear wall and replacing the top cover.


Before disconnecting the wires, you need to sketch the connection diagram or take a photo so that you can connect correctly later.

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What to do if the bone of the bra is not visible in the hole from the heater?

If an object is stuck between the tank and the drum of the washing machine near the shaft at the top of the tank, it may not be visible through the hole for the heating element. In this case, you need to perform a series of actions.

  • Block the pulley with a wooden block. This is done so that the drum does not turn during further actions.
  • Remove the pulley securing bolt.
  • Remove the pulley and tighten the bolt back (do not tighten completely).
  • Perform a few sharp hammer blows on the bolt. In order not to damage the thread, blows must be applied by first placing a wooden plank.
  • After impact, the shaft with the drum should move forward, and the foreign object should fall down.
  • Put the pulley back in place, tightening the bolt tighter so that it cannot unwind during washing or spinning.
  • Replace the back wall and cover and tighten all fasteners.

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In order to protect your equipment from damage and not to disassemble it in order to get a bra bone in the tank, you need to follow a few recommendations.

  • Clothing with rhinestones, plastic or metal parts, including underwired bras, must be placed in the machine only in the laundry bag.
  • Small things - belts, handkerchiefs, socks - should also be put in such a bag.
  • Before stowing things, carefully check the pockets.
  • Monitor the condition of the sealing gum near the hatch.
  • Before each wash, check for foreign objects in the drum.

Following these tips, you can not only get the "extra element" yourself, but also avoid unnecessary troubles associated with disassembling the washing machine or even repairing it.

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