When is the use of anti-vibration stands for washing machines effective?

A few years ago, special anti-vibration stands for a washing machine appeared in Russian stores. Let's try to figure out how effective these products are and whether they can really be useful to owners of household appliances.

Washing machine diagnostics

Why do washing machines vibrate?

One of the main parts of a washing machine is a drum, in which laundry is laid and water is poured. When the torsion of the drum there is a centrifugal force, which extends to the entire "washer". Most manufacturers try to somehow compensate for the vibration - they install special counterweights, dampers and shock absorbers inside. But this does not solve the problem to the end. Often, users note that before their machine worked quietly and did not vibrate, but over time it began to make noise, and its body began to tremble noticeably. This is usually due to the wear of shock absorbing devices.

If the noise becomes too annoying, you can try using anti-vibration stands (they are also called pads, supports, legs). Especially these products can be useful for narrow washing machines. Often, their manufacturers save space by partially relinquishing control over balance and imbalance.

Anti-vibration stand

Features and principle of operation of anti-vibration stands

These coasters do not allow the washing machine to slide on the floor, move from a specific place and “jump”, and reduce noise during washing and spinning. Their design is such that they are able to withstand an impressive weight - from 100 kilograms or more, which means they are suitable for any modern household model.

Anti-vibration mounts are sold in sets of four each - in accordance with the number of legs. The diameter of one support is from 40 to 60 millimeters.

The outer surface of modern supports or supports is not smooth, but embossed, and this allows the machine to stay on them firmly and steadily. And the bottom of the stands has stiffeners. Largely thanks to them, the noise and vibration emanating from the machine are so effectively suppressed. And do not be afraid that scratches and dents will appear on the floor - this is completely excluded.

Set of anti-vibration stands

How to choose the right product?

Now anti-vibration stands for the washing machine are made mainly of the following materials:

  • rubber;
  • silicone.

Why these materials were chosen is not difficult to understand. Rubber is durable and wear resistant. Stands from it perfectly absorb vibration, in addition, rubber has anti-slip properties. And it’s a rather flexible material, so the stands can be pulled on the legs of the machine, even if it seems that they are not very suitable in size.

All the same can be said about silicone. However, silicone pads, as practice shows, are slightly more expensive than rubber ones. However, many people still choose silicone products, in particular because many of the false legs for a washing machine made of this material have fancy shapes, for example, the shapes of the paws of some animals.

Anti-vibration mounts may also vary in color. Usually in stores you can see black or white products. But if you wish, you can find, for example, transparent ones.


Some respected companies that produce washing machines themselves make stands for them. For example, you can find products with the LG logo. But in this case, it is not necessary to take just the “native” stand, the vast majority of the products available at retail are universal and will certainly suit your needs. There are even coasters that can be used not only for washing machines, but also for refrigerators.

Anti-vibration legs for a washing machine

How to install do-it-yourself stands?

Installing the stands is carried out in just a few minutes. First you need to check whether the legs of the machine itself are the same length. If this is not the case, then they need to be adjusted. And only after that should you carefully place the stands under each leg. After installation, you can put the washing machine in place.

Such ease of installation leads to another advantage of these products - if necessary, they can always be removed and replaced independently with new ones.

Adjusting the height of the legs of the washing machine

Why is it not always advisable to buy coasters?

Before you purchase the coasters, it is worth checking whether the use of the described products is really appropriate. Owners of built-in appliances may encounter an obvious problem: after installing the stand, the machine will become slightly higher than other objects adjacent to it, and this will introduce a certain disharmony in the interior.

And in some cases, it’s generally pointless to purchase anti-vibration stands for washing machines. Sometimes the technique vibrates for reasons that these inexpensive things cannot fix.

  • Uneven floors may cause vibration in washing machines and loud noises during operation. This problem is not so rare, especially in old houses. The solution suggests itself: you just need to rearrange the machine so that the vibrations stop.
  • Sometimes the machine begins to vibrate due to the fact that it is on a wooden floor. Individual boards begin to shift in turn (“walk with a shaker,” as the people say) during the active phase of the “wash”, and this creates a very noticeable noise.
  • Also, the machine can vibrate and make loud noises due to bearing failure. But changing them with your own hands is unlikely to succeed, for this you will need to disassemble the entire machine. Calling a wizard is the best way out in this case.
  • The “washing machine” can also vibrate violently because some thing is stuck in the space between the tank and the drum. You can try to pull it through the hole of the heater.
  • If the machine is new, then it is worth checking whether the transport bolts have been unscrewed. They are used to lock the drum during transport. Their presence makes vibrations and noises very strong.

This is only part of the causes and malfunctions that can lead to vibrations. Therefore, in advance, before buying anti-vibration feet for your assistant, it does not hurt to call a specialist in the repair of household appliances to inspect it.

Girl and a washing machine

Anti-vibration floor mats - an alternative to coasters

There is also a kind of alternative to coasters - anti-vibration rubber mat. Rugs are more expensive than coasters, but in any case, the price of these accessories is not too high.

There are special seals in the corners of the rugs - the legs of the machine should be on them. Mats are made from the same materials as the coasters, but they have several special advantages.

  • Anti-vibration mat under the washing machine makes its bottom more airtight.
  • Such a rug does not require installation in principle - it is simply laid under the machine.

So, we can conclude that coasters are a useful and inexpensive thing, but not always their purchase is really justified. Therefore, it is worthwhile to understand first whether the machine is vibrating due to some kind of breakdown or malfunction, to check the evenness and quality of the floors in the place where the machine stands.

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