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How to clean copper products at home?

In modern everyday life, a huge number of copper products are presented, which over time, under the influence of various kinds of factors, become dark and even become somewhat cloudy. Learn from this article how to clean copper without damaging the structure of the entire product.

As you know, copper products have long been recognized by connoisseurs as high-quality and reliable things. Based on a copper alloy:

  • dishes;
  • Jewelry;
  • decor items;
  • Electronics details
  • coins;
  • figurines.

All these products not only look elegant, but are also quite durable in use. Despite their luxurious appearance, many copper items have a positive effect on human health. So, people with pronounced heart and vascular diseases are recommended to wear bracelets made of copper alloys. In this case, the process of normalizing blood pressure and improving well-being are often observed.

Cleaning the Turkish Turks with Vinegar

Basic cleaning methods

Despite the positive aspects of using copper products, dark or green deposits may appear on them over time, resulting in a loss of gloss. To return the copper product to its original appearance, you can use some of the secrets of cleaning it at home.

  • Method number 1

In order to clean your favorite copper product, you need to take a small container with hot water, add a little any cleaning agent and dip a sponge or soft rag into the solution. Then, with this sponge, gently rub the copper product, and then lower it into another container with clean water. In such a simple way, you can save a copper product from minor contaminants.

  • Method number 2

To clean a copper item at home, freshly squeezed lemon juice is perfect. They need to grate a copper product, and then rinse with warm water.
Cleaning the copper ring with ketchup

  • Method number 3

Copper can be cleaned using ordinary tomato ketchup. Squeeze the required amount of ketchup into a deep bowl and dip the copper product into it. Hold for about ten minutes, then remove and rinse thoroughly in warm water. A copper item will look new.

  • Method number 4

If a dark spot appears on your favorite household item made of copper alloy, dip it in a weak vinegar solution, where two tablespoons of table salt have previously been dissolved. Then put the container with the product in vinegar solution on the fire and boil for ten minutes. Under the action of acetic acid and hanging temperature, the process of dissolution of the oxides that appear on copper will begin. Then remove the product and let it cool. After that, dip it for a while in clean water, and then wipe it dry with a soft cloth.


Use the above methods of cleaning copper products should after preliminary testing of the method on a small surface of the product in order to identify the nature of the reaction of the metal to the cleaning agent. If no changes occur as a result, you can safely clean the product further.

Cleaning copper coins

How to clean copper coins at home?

In order to clean copper coins from long-term pollution and oxides, you can use the following methods.

  • Method number 1

If a yellow coating began to form on the surface of copper coins, most likely the copper began to come into contact with closely lying lead. It is possible to clear coins from such a plaque by simply immersing in a ten percent solution of acetic acid.You can cook it yourself by simply mixing one part of acetic acid with nine equal parts of pure water. After dissolving the plaque, the coins should be removed and washed with warm water.

  • Method number 2

If a reddish coating appears on your copper coins, you can get rid of it with ammonia. Cleaning is as follows: the coins are dipped in a pre-prepared ammonia solution (ammonia solution) of five percent concentration. After some time, reddening of the solution due to the dissolution of the reddish plaque can be observed. Sometimes you need to leave the product in such a solution for several hours to return them to their original appearance. After this, the coins must be washed with clean water and wiped dry.

  • Method number 3

If on a copper coin, as a result of long-term storage at home, a greenish coating begins to appear, you can clean it as follows: pour one tenth of citric acid into a glass and pour water at room temperature to the edges of the glass. In the resulting solution, you need to put your coins and observe what is happening. Under the influence of an acidic environment, a greenish coating will begin to move away from the walls of the coin and stain the entire solution in the corresponding color. As soon as the entire plaque has departed from the copper coin, it must be removed from the glass and rinsed well in warm water. Then it is advisable to polish the coin a little to give it a sparkling appearance.

Polished cleaned turkish copper

Glowing copper products

Often, ordinary people are interested in the banal problem of cleaning copper to give it its original shine. Here are some effective ways in which you can achieve the desired result.

  • Method number 1

To give the copper objects a sparkling shine, they need to be rubbed with a mixture consisting of equal proportions of flour, sodium chloride and vinegar essence. After that, the cleaned copper objects should be washed well with running water and wiped dry.

  • Method number 2

You can restore the brilliance of copper objects using an ordinary black and white newspaper. Roll it into a small lump and polish it with a tarnished product. Everything will shine again!

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