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Folk and professional ways to clean jewelry

Regular cleaning of jewelry is one of the essential steps in the care of jewelry made of precious metals and stones. Even at home, you can find effective tools that can remove traces of oxidation in the surface of objects, plaque from sebum and decorative cosmetics, and restore faded areas.

brushing a diamond

Most often, owners of expensive gizmos are interested in whether it is possible to clean gold and silver jewelry on their own. Particular difficulties are caused by the processing of objects with stones of mineral or organic origin, especially as expensive as diamonds.

Effective Gold Jewelry Recovery Options Using Affordable Tools

One of the most effective and gentle cleaning options for gold products is their machining with soft fleecy material. If this manipulation is regularly carried out at home, then the use of aggressive exposure options or the help of specialists will not be needed. Just rub the surface to a shine, carefully working through each area. True, in order to clean old pollution, you will have to pick up something more intense:

gold cleaning

  • Soap solution. Two approaches to the use of the composition are allowed. In the first case, the products are soaked in a slightly warm product for a couple of hours, after which they are treated with a toothbrush, washed under running water and dried. The second option is more intense and involves boiling items. They are lowered into the composition and boiled for no more than two minutes, then they are pulled out and brushed. Even such a short-term effect will adversely affect the stones, so it is better not to process jewelry with diamonds in this way.
  • Soda. Pour a glass of water into a small container, immerse contaminated objects and put on fire. In hot water, add a tablespoon of soda, mix and hold for another couple of minutes. We get the products, brush them, rinse and dry. Rubbing the surface with a soda defect is strictly prohibited! The abrasive scratches the surface, changing its appearance.
  • Sweet liquid. Dissolve a tablespoon of sugar in a glass of water, immerse gold in the composition and hold for at least 3-4 hours. Then we wash the item under running water and dry it. Thus, it is recommended to care for jewelry regularly, getting rid of greasy plaque and preventing the appearance of persistent dirt.
  • Toothpaste. We put the product on the work surface, take a soft brush and start rubbing the product. Movement must be confident, but without much pressure.
  • Onion juice. One of the most affordable home remedies. Just rub the product with onion juice (squeezed or cut) and leave for a couple of hours. The item does not even need to be rubbed after that, just rinse it under running water and dry it.
  • Ammonia with peroxide. A very intensive approach, which is not recommended for use with inserts, especially if it is diamonds or other stones. In a glass of cold water we breed three tablespoons of ammonia, two tablespoons of 3% hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of liquid soap. Soak gold in the composition, hold for several hours and rinse.

ring cleaning

In addition, there are professional tools for the recovery of precious metals.It is quite simple to use them, but before you clean the product with a finished product, you need to carefully read the instructions.

Basics for quality silverware cleaning

It is necessary to clean silverware quite often. The metal rapidly darkens with regular wear, thus reacting to sulfur, which is contained in the sweat of a person. Fortunately, the metal is not capricious and can be easily restored even at home.

silver cleaning

  • From warm greasy plaque will relieve slightly warm soapy water. The effectiveness of the approach will increase significantly if a glass of this composition is diluted with a tablespoon of ammonia. Soak the subject for several minutes, after which the surface must be cleaned with a soft cloth.
  • A complex event will save you from blackness at home. First, the products are soaked in soapy water for at least two hours. Then rinse and wipe with a soft cloth. Then we apply gruel from tooth powder and ammonia on the surface. Rub it with a soft cloth and scald with boiling water. Then wash under running water and polish until it sparkles.
  • If you urgently need to clean the silver, and there is no household chemicals at hand, you can use raw potato juice. We rub it into the surface affected by blackness, leave it for an hour, after which we again carry out the machining and wash the product.

These techniques are categorically not suitable for processing silver jewelry with diamonds, other precious or semiprecious stones.

How to clean diamonds and other stones at home?

Stones require special care, but this does not mean that the owners of such jewelry need to contact professionals. At home, capricious products can also be cleaned, you just need to remember their specifics:

stone cleaning

  1. Sapphires, aquamarines and rubies are characterized by increased density, so in their case it is allowed to clean with warm water with washing powder or hair shampoo.

Tip: Topazes, garnets and rubies under the influence of high temperatures can change their original color, so you can use only slightly warm or cold water to process them.

  1. To care for zirconium, diamonds, cubic zirconias is not at all difficult. They respond well to treatment with ammonia or a solution based on laundry soap. Strong and dense diamonds are even allowed to rub with soft brushes.
  2. Turquoise, pearls and coral negatively respond to chemicals. The maximum that can be done with them is to wipe the flannel.

Experts categorically forbid wetting products on which stones are glued to the surface. They are difficult to clean even mechanically, it is better not to try to do this at home and trust professionals.

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