Is it possible to freeze cooked beets for the winter in the freezer?

You can freeze cooked beets in the freezer. And this is done quite simply. The product will retain its beneficial properties and original taste.

Fresh beets

Preparing beets for freezing:

  1. It is best to choose medium-sized root crops. Before cooking, the tops and tails are not removed. So in the vegetable will remain maximum nutrients.
  2. During cooking, pour a little vinegar into the pan with water. It will fix the color of beets and help maintain its taste.
  3. Peel is removed from the finished vegetable. The pulp is crushed in any convenient way (straws, cubes, large slices or small chips).

The main methods of freezing

There are several methods to freeze beets for the winter. Next, we consider each of them in more detail.

Beet Vase

Method number 1:

  1. Bake whole beets in the oven to make the core soft.
  2. After cool it and remove the skin.
  3. Cut the pulp as convenient.
  4. Put the vegetable on the pallet in an even thin layer and send it to the freezer for 1.5-2 hours.
  5. The pieces are covered with an ice crust, and will not stick together.
  6. Arrange the finished product in bags with a tight fastener and be sure to sign.
  7. It can be stored for several months.

Frozen Beets in Packets

Method number 2:

  1. Rinse raw beets under running water and put in a deep saucepan.
  2. Boil until cooked over low heat. If the water boils strongly, the root crop will completely lose its color.
  3. Transfer the boiled vegetable to cold water for cooling, and then peel.
  4. Next, you need to do the same actions as in the first method.

Hostess's secret
You can cook the root crop without the skin. In this case, it is easier to peel the vegetable, the taste and color will not suffer, but the amount of nutrients will significantly decrease.

Frozen beetroot

Method number 3:

  1. Boil the root crop as described above.
  2. When it cools, peel off and grind on a grater.
  3. Arrange grated beets in bags or food containers with tight lids. Transfer the container to the freezer.

How to defrost beets?

Vegetable containers should be transferred from the freezer to any shelf in the refrigerator. So the process of thawing will take place gradually. To speed up defrosting, the workpiece must be removed from the refrigerator and kept at room temperature.


If boiled beets go to the first dishes or sauces, you can completely not defrost it. In the case when the product is used for salads, it must be thawed, otherwise the salad will “float” in juice and melt water. You need to take from the freezer the amount of vegetable that will be used. If the workpiece remains, re-freezing it is not recommended.

Boiled beets are the basis for many dishes. From it you can cook delicious salads, original spaghetti, as well as unusual desserts.

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