How and how to quickly smooth out a jacket, skirt or raincoat made of leather?

Leather is considered a very ductile material that holds its shape perfectly, but it can also be crushed if you ignore basic storage conditions. It is worth considering that their observance will save housewives a lot of time and effort, since smoothing a leather jacket or other massive product is not easy at all. There are a lot of methods for restoring the original appearance of a thing, but they all differ in the abundance of stages, nuances and limitations. In some cases, the approaches are fraught with the risk of cracks and abrasions on the material, so you should not step aside from the instructions.

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You will not need to restore your favorite skirt, jacket or cloak if you provide them with proper care:

  1. Leather products can only be stored flattened. To do this, it is recommended to use special hangers (including for a skirt).
  2. Things that are in the closet with a leather product should not create pressure on the item.
  3. Do not wear a leather skirt or jacket that is not appropriate in size. The product will soon sag or stretch in problem areas and lose its shape.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to hang leather outerwear on hooks. Even if the thing is removed for only a few minutes, it must be placed on the shoulders or back of a sloping chair.

If the recommendations for some reason did not work, and your favorite thing is in a deplorable state, you can smooth out a leather jacket or other product from unstable material using effective, albeit troublesome, manipulations.

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Principles and features of dry ironing

Usually housewives use an iron if they need to smooth a leather skirt or cloak, i.e. the product is as simple as possible without numerous transitions and artificially created folds. In order to get the optimal result with this approach at home, the following rules must be observed:

  1. The temperature should be minimal.
  2. Processing is carried out from the front. From the inside, you can only act if there is no lining.
  3. The sole of the iron should not be in direct contact with the skin; the use of a gasket is mandatory. It can be a very thin fabric without a pronounced texture or wrapping paper.
  4. Crumpled skin during ironing is forbidden to steam.
  5. To straighten the material in problem areas you need to gently press the iron, withstand a couple of seconds and let go. After checking the result, repeat the effect or move to another area.
  6. Do not rush into transitions from one zone to another. We move the skirt or turn it over with the other part only after the treated area has completely cooled down.
  7. Hard-to-reach spots or small items are also treated with an iron, but we put a miniature stand under the material, which usually comes with an ironing board.


The same principles must be considered when it is necessary to stroke a leather jacket. It is only necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the form of the thing and act strictly according to the patterns, otherwise in the end the garment will not sit on the figure as before.

How to recover a product using hot steam?

Crumpled skin can be smoothed out with steam. At home, an iron or steamer is used for this purpose. In the first case, we need a device with a steam generator, the use of simpler models can end tragically for the material.

steam iron

Most often, this method is used to smooth a leather jacket:

  • The item is placed on a coat hanger and fixed on a vertical hanger.
  • We keep the selected device at a distance from the skin (about 15 cm) and begin to dispense steam.
  • We do not linger in one place longer than five seconds, we constantly move the device.
  • Do not try to correct the product during the processing process, you can get a serious thermal burn.
  • Remove the product from the hanger only after it has completely cooled down.

Tip: If the farm does not have a steamer or a suitable iron, you can find an equally effective way out of the situation. In the bath we put a basin with boiling water, we hang a jacket over it, leave it until the water cools down. If necessary, take another approach.

Contrary to popular belief, steam treatment is highly effective and allows you to restore the shape of things from very dense and unyielding skin.

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The most gentle methods of exposure

When working with products from very delicate matter, it is first recommended to try softer and safer exposure options:

  • We simply hang the product on the shoulders of a suitable shape and patiently wait for several days until it returns to its previous appearance.
  • In some cases, petroleum jelly, castor oil or peanut oil helps. The product is applied directly to creases and removed with a damp cloth after the material softens and smoothes. This approach also returns tissue elasticity, so it can be used as a prevention of skin tightening.

If you do not want to spend time on all these chores or there is a fear of damage to your favorite thing, then you should use the services of special service centers that work with the skin. But, as practice shows, the above approaches are safe, while guaranteeing a positive result.

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