How and how can I iron things without using an iron?

All modern housewives are so accustomed to the presence of household appliances in their lives that they are completely lost when the appliances break down or power outages occur. For example, very few people know how to iron things without an iron, and yet this is not as unrealistic as it seems.

colorful clothes

In order to iron your shirt or your favorite skirt with your own hands, it is not at all necessary to rely on the benefits of civilization, in extreme cases, you can use the tools available. Despite the fact that most of them involve certain time costs, the final result is fully justified.

Traditional and unusual ways to iron things without using an iron

At home, bringing crumpled clothes to a presentable condition can be one of the simple and affordable ways:

  • Use of hair tongs. The shirt can not be restored in this way, but it will fit for pointing arrows on trousers, eliminating deep furrows on a skirt or tie. We simply heat the device to the desired temperature and alternately clamp the problem areas of the fabric.

Tip: The forceps plates must be wiped and degreased before use, otherwise persistent stains from molten styling products may appear on the fabric.

  • A boiling kettle. If you need to quickly iron small-sized clothes, then just hang it over the spout of the teapot from which steam comes out. Hands to hold the product is not recommended, you can get a thermal burn.

ironing with water

  • Moisture. If the appearance of things spoils a lonely fold, then you need to moisten your palm with cold water and smooth the formation. The furrow will disappear pretty quickly, you just have to wait until the item has completely dried.
  • Pressure. A good option to restore a straight skirt or trousers without arrows, but only if there is a whole night left. Crumpled clothes should be put on the bed frame, carefully smoothed and covered with a mattress. Over night, the condition of the product should change for the better. In this way, not only deep, but also shallow surface folds are eliminated.

wet towel

  • Wet towel. Gentle ambulance if your favorite knitted thing is wrinkled. We take a terry towel, moisturize it and squeeze it well. We lay out the material on a dense horizontal surface, lay out a woolen garment on top and straighten all the folds. Just a couple of hours and all the bumps are eliminated. It remains only to dry the product on the shoulders in a well-ventilated room.
  • Fitting objects you just need to put on, the heat of the body will do its job, smoothing out all the imperfections. True, the subject should initially be sufficiently moist, so you will have to transfer a few not very comfortable minutes.

How to iron a shirt without an iron?

The listed approaches are not always convenient to use for processing products of complex shape. To iron a shirt, blouse or dress, it is best to use one of the following methods:

steam ironing

  • Exposure to steam. We collect hot water into the bath, steam should go from it. We hang the garment on the shoulders, maximize all folds and fix it above the water. Under the influence of heat and humidity, the fabric will quite quickly decompose, but at the same time it will become slightly damp. Then it needs to be hung in a ventilated place and left until completely dry. The entire procedure will take at least 6 hours.
  • The use of chemicals. We take in equal proportions the following components: 9% acetic solution, fabric softener and cold water. We mix all the products and pour into a bottle with a spray. We hang the shirt or dress on the shoulders, straighten the folds and spray the composition on the surface.The material should become sufficiently moist, but not wet through. It remains only to wait until the product dries. It is forbidden to use sources of artificial heat!
  • The principle of "smooth drying". It gives an excellent end result, despite the simplicity of the approach. We hang the still wet product on our shoulders or fix it in a natural position (this applies to trousers), leave it in a well-ventilated room until it dries completely. Gravity will do everything by itself; there will be no visible irregularities on the fabric.
  • Incandescent lamp treatment. The option is suitable for the correction of poorly smoothed areas. When working with synthetics, extra care must be taken. Turn on the lamp, wait until the light bulb warms up well and begin to drive the cloth along its surface. Wet items must first be dried, otherwise the lamp will burst.

Tip: Before holding the event, the lamp should be wiped with a dry cloth, removing dust. Otherwise, persistent gray or yellowish spots may appear on the surface of the fabric.

  • The mode "without folds" in the washing machine. Modern units even offer such a function. To obtain the desired result, the garment is simply driven in the spin and drying mode at maximum speed. This is a great option for an emergency, but too often it is forbidden to use it. From such an aggressive effect, the fibers will rapidly wear out and the thing after just a few runs will get a well-worn look.

shirt ironing

If for some reason the relationship with the iron simply did not work out, do not focus on a specific device. Steamers no less effectively eliminate wrinkles, but the problems and hassle of using them are much less.

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