Can I iron without water? What gives dry mode

A properly working iron is the first need in a home, because an untidy look of clothing repels people. Malfunctions of the device, stains from water and other problems generally spoil clothes without the possibility of recovery. One solution to the problem is to iron products with an iron without water.

Ironed towels

Can I use an iron without water

Modern irons mean modes with the supply of water vapor, as well as "dry" ironing. There is a special division for steam-free ironing: scroll the wheel to the desired function or press the special button. Look for information on the device itself or in the instructions for it.

Ironing things

Sometimes old irons leak, and using the water mode gives an unexpected result: the item gets too wet, streaks appear or the fabric is completely deformed. In this case, it is better to permanently turn off the water mode. And for a new iron, it is better to alternate the functions of ironing to avoid overheating of the platform and its early failure.

Mistresses often complain that things without water vapor cannot be ironed. But water from the iron can play a cruel joke: because of it, rusty spots appear on clothes. There is an alternative to this method: set the dry mode and use a spray bottle with clean water or put wet gauze on the product.

Ironing on ironing board

Some tissues are generally contraindicated in moisturizing or steaming. Among them:

  • viscose;
  • some types of silk;
  • chiffon;
  • nylon;
  • nylon;
  • Satin and other lining fabrics.

New iron

Advice from if the water supply function is broken in the iron, try not to dry things after washing and iron them slightly damp. This is especially true for dense cotton and flax.

Water in the iron: some tips for working

Residual water in the iron tank does not always work out. Either look for the desired angle, or proceed as follows:

  • enable steaming mode;
  • prepare an unnecessary piece of matter;
  • evaporate all water.

Ironing a white shirt

Try not to pour raw or boiled tap water into the appliance to avoid ugly rusty stains on clothing. Use filtered or special water.

Store the iron without water and pour a new portion into the tank before each use. If you neglect this rule, the device will quickly clog with lime and rust, start to leak or microorganisms begin to develop in the water.

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