How to eliminate and get rid of the smell of sweat in shoes

Persistent unpleasant amber emanating from the legs can provoke a number of complexes and greatly complicate life. Do not panic ahead of time, to date, many methods have been developed how to remove the smell from shoes. In such a delicate situation, everything possible must be done to eliminate the phenomenon. And you need to act quickly, until the problem has grown into an obsession and did not bother at a subconscious level.

shoe odor removal methods

First of all, it is necessary to establish the cause of the condition and only after that it is necessary to proceed to the selection of a suitable remedy. People who consider excessive sweating to be the source of the problem are categorically wrong. The smell inside the shoe is the result of active reproduction of bacteria due to improper storage of items or poor quality care.

Ways to prevent repulsive aromas from shoes

The appearance of unpleasant odor from the legs after wearing shoes or boots can be prevented. To prevent shoes from stinking due to improper care, the following recommendations should be observed:

foot hygiene

  1. Feet need to be washed daily, and with severe severity of the problem, the use of antibacterial soap is recommended. After skin treatment, it is advisable to use a special deodorant or talcum powder. Change socks or tights should also be daily.
  2. When choosing boots, boots or sneakers, it is worth giving preference to products made from natural materials. Items of clothing for legs should also consist of natural fibers at least 70-80%.
  3. Upon returning home, the shoes must be dried. Doing this is necessary even if it seems that the product inside is completely dry. Insoles are dried separately from boots, boots and sneakers. At least once a month, it is advisable to change these elements, even if a specific stink has not appeared.
  4. Today you can find a variety of care products for shoes: refreshing balls, antibacterial deodorants, water-repellent impregnations. It will be better if processing with the help of the listed products becomes a habit, and will not be performed if necessary.
  5. Fungal diseases of the legs and nails will have to be cured, otherwise it will not work to remove the smell from the shoes.

Often the cause of an unbearable stench is the improper storage of products at home between seasons. In this case, mold infection of the material occurs, which is practically impossible to remove.

To prevent this from happening, you must do the following:

  1. Before storing boots or boots for storage, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the products (even wash if the raw materials allow). Followed by mandatory drying, items can not be stored in the presence of the slightest signs of dampness.
  2. Suede, nubuck and velor need additional processing. To do this, apply a profile spray, foam, rubber brushes and impregnations.
  3. Only after such preparation, boots, sneakers and boots can be stuffed with newspapers, paired and laid out on linen bags. Then we pack the items in boxes, add the balls with silica gel and put them in a dark, dry place. It is recommended to add a deodorant for shoes, which will also repel moths.

shoe odor removal methods

Tip: Contrary to popular belief, the risk of mold in shoes increases significantly when stored in the bottom of a chest of drawers or pantry.It is better to choose a place with good ventilation, or in extreme cases, regularly pull out items and ventilate them on the balcony.

All of these points apply to new shoes, do not wait for a problem to introduce appropriate events.

The most effective methods and effective means to combat the problem

If preventative measures have not helped, and an unpleasant odor has nevertheless appeared, it is not worthwhile to use absorbent compounds and highly aromatic deodorants. In order not to disguise, but to eliminate all the signs of a problem, do the following:

cleaning agents

  • If the quality of the shoes allows, then boots and sneakers are best washed in a machine, using special antibacterial agents for loading. If the smell appeared in shoes, boots or products made from delicate raw materials, only insoles are washed.
  • One of the most effective ways to get rid of the smell in sneakers is to use a rather aggressive mixture of hydrogen peroxide, salicylic acid and green tea. We take the listed components in equal amounts, mix, moisten a cotton pad in the resulting solution and rub the products from all sides. Rinse off the composition is not necessary!
  • Against the smell of sweat coming from the legs, it is recommended to use dilute hydrogen peroxide, a weak solution of vinegar, strong green tea, vodka or highly diluted ammonia. We select one of the components, pour it into the spray gun and apply the resulting spray to problematic objects. Then we expose them to dry at room temperature.
  • Freezing products works no worse than the most effective deodorant. It is necessary to wash or clean objects, dry them thoroughly, place them in the freezer or hang them out the window in the winter. After freezing the material, we place the processed boots or boots away from artificial sources of heat. We dry until all the signs of dampness are eliminated. The same method helps to get rid of the specific aroma coming from new shoes.
  • Before getting rid of the smell of sweat in shoes using wet methods, it is worth trying powder products. It can be soda, peroxide in tablets, activated carbon, boric or citric acid. Just sprinkle with the composition the inner surface of the shoe and leave it overnight. In the morning, crystals that have fallen into lumps must be removed with a vacuum cleaner using a special nozzle.

boots odor removal methods

  • In order not to act directly on boots made of delicate material or not to spoil the inner walls of new shoes, you need to pour talcum powder or a little boric acid on your toes. A kind of deodorant will inhibit the growth of bacteria and prevent the occurrence of an unpleasant odor.
  • Soda, tea and activated carbon have pronounced absorbent properties. The listed components are poured directly under the insole, and this can even be done with new shoes. The main thing is not to forget to regularly clean the product and make new bookmarks.
  • In extreme cases, if you can’t remove the unpleasant aroma, you should use masking agents. It can be a scented foot spray, powder deodorant, ground coffee or essential oils. But we must remember that too frequent use of such components can provoke the formation of mold.

It is strongly not recommended to abuse lotions based on concentrated vinegar and lemon juice. No matter how much the shoes stink, it’s not worth constantly pouring or adding peroxide to it. These components are too aggressive and adversely affect the condition of the skin of the legs.

How can a specific mold smell be permanently eliminated?

You cannot get rid of persistent and unyielding mold by the listed methods at home. To completely eliminate all symptoms of a problem, you need to perform the following steps:

tea for foot odor

  1. Throw out the old insoles.
  2. Pour vodka or a solution of vinegar inside the products (three tablespoons per glass of water), put them on your feet and walk for at least an hour.You need to do this without sitting on the sofa, you have to walk.
  3. We drain or blot the remaining liquid and carefully dry the objects.
  4. After that, pour dry deodorant with antibacterial properties or talc into the cavity. We leave it for the night, in the morning we remove it with a vacuum cleaner.
  5. Under the new fresh insoles, lay out a tea bag, drip a little essential oil on the insoles.
  6. While maintaining the slightest sign of mold odor, everything will have to be done first.

Sometimes even the above methods do not allow to achieve the desired result. In this case, it is worth considering the purchase of new shoes and the implementation of proper care from the very beginning of its operation.

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How effective are the methods that we have described?
  1. Sergey
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    I learned a lot from it! I play sports professionally, so problems with the smell of shoes used to arise regularly and even prevention did not help. A friend suggested soaking sneakers in green tea. At first he doubted, then he tried - it really works. The only problem was that each time the shoes had to dry for a long time. Now I’ll try to wipe it with a mixture of green tea, salicylic acid and peroxide. I hope it will work no worse!

  2. Elena
    03/15/2016 at 11:54 Reply

    I have two already quite adult and very active sons, so I have been struggling with the problem of shoe odor for years. From my practice, I can say with confidence that most powder products do not help with an obvious stench. They remove moisture well, literally pull it out of the material, but the smell remains. But wet approaches really work very well and quickly

  3. Catherine
    03/19/2016 at 16:17 Reply

    Thanks for the info! Everything is very clear and detailed. I have not yet had time to try all the methods, but those that I have already tested and really act like magic!

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