How to gently clean and wash the silicone phone case with improvised means?

To protect the mobile phone from damage, covers, covers or bumpers are used, made of various materials, including plastic and silicone. Sooner or later, there is a need to clean the silicone case. How to do this without ruining the accessory?

Wash Silicone Tablet Case

We erase silicone "clothes" for the phone

The silicone case looks stylish, looks beautiful, and is relatively inexpensive, but it is very impractical. The fact is that it has one very poor quality - it absorbs dirt, and then the spots formed are almost impossible to wash. In addition, the material from which it is made is soft and delicate, therefore, it requires careful care. To avoid damage and deformation, the following products must not be used to clean it:

  • abrasive materials, including sandpaper;
  • metal sponges;
  • stiff bristle brushes;
  • sharp objects (knives, knitting needles, needles, etc.);
  • bleach detergents.

Sharp objects can damage the soft structure of silicone, and dirt, dust, and coloring matter will get into the resulting cracks or scratches. In turn, the chlorine contained in household chemicals will lead to a yellowing of the cover, and the transparent product may become cloudy.

The most suitable means by which you can clean the silicone product are soap and water. It is better to use toilet soap, shampoo or other mild detergent solutions, liquid detergent for dishes is also suitable.

In warm water you should add a little soapy composition, mix well and beat until foam. After this, the case is placed in the resulting liquid for 30 minutes or one hour - the soaking time will depend on the degree of contamination. Then use a soft brush or sponge to rub the most dirty places and rinse with plenty of water. If nevertheless spots or pollution remain, then the procedure can be repeated. When the cover is washed, it must be wiped dry, as it may leave stains or marks in the form of water droplets.


Silicone cases should be washed as often as possible. If the stain is absorbed, then it will be difficult to remove it, and the appearance of the cover will deteriorate. However, “fresh” contaminants are cleaned quickly and easily with a damp cloth or ordinary laundry soap.

Silicone phone case

We deal with difficult spots and pollution

When water procedures did not help, you can resort to cardinal cleaning methods. Meanwhile, it should be remembered that delicate silicone cases can be ruined and can no longer be restored. It will be very difficult to wipe off traces from a pen or felt-tip pen, stains from clothes or food products, such as coffee or red juice - unfortunately, they can only be lightened, but washing will not be possible completely.

However, even stubborn stains can be removed from the surface of silicone. Special preparations are available for the care and cleaning of such products, but they are unreasonably expensive. The available tools will also work for these purposes - the result from their use will be no worse. Following simple tips and tricks, you can wash the case and bring it, although not to its original state, but keep a presentable appearance.

  1. To clean stains of various origin formed on a rubber surface, you can use bleach, in which there is no chlorine ("Vanish", "Boss", etc.).You can prepare an aqueous solution with the addition of bleach or apply it directly to the surface (a small amount) with a sponge or toothbrush.
  2. You can also clean the silicone case with a slurry made from soda. To do this, add a little water to a spoon of soda, literally a few drops, and then apply to the dirt. Do not rub, because you can damage the surface of the cover.
  3. The nail polish cleaner will help get rid of unpleasant spots. However, such a liquid should not contain acetone. Before using it, use a cotton swab to apply the solution in an inconspicuous place. Do not use the lacquer for colored or painted covers, as the paint may peel off, brightness will be lost or the product will become cloudy.
  4. You can also clean the case with toothpaste. It must be applied to an old brush or sponge and rubbed the entire surface with soft movements. After that, wash the cover thoroughly so that there are no white stains. This method is well suited for white products or transparent cases.
  5. Alcohol-based solutions will clean stains from ink or felt-tip pens. You can try to soak the cover completely in this composition, and then rinse it in water.


It is better not to carry the phone in a silicone case in a jeans pocket or bag. Otherwise, it is very likely that it will quickly become indigo or get dirty with ink pens.


Extreme cleaning methods

In the case when the cover is old or has a sloppy and stale look, you can use solutions to remove stains, which, however, can not only clean it, but also spoil it.

So, to wash stale dirt, complex stains or dirt are used including:

  • solvent or acetone;
  • lemon juice or acid;
  • gasoline or kerosene;
  • "Domestos" or other chlorine bleach;
  • detergents with small abrasive particles.

The use of such aggressive substances and preparations will help in some cases to get rid of unwanted traces of dirt, but silicone can turn yellow, crack, or become brittle. It is also possible clouding of the cover, loss of brightness, transparency and gloss. Some of these tools can dissolve the surface of the lining on the phone or cause it to deform, and you simply have to throw it away.


Buying a cheap silicone case is undesirable, as they not only quickly tear and turn yellow, but also do not tolerate any manipulations and cleaning procedures. They are thinner, less flexible and ductile or, conversely, too coarse, made of low-quality materials, so they quickly stretch and become worthless.

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